The Basics of Marketing Your Home

As your REALTOR®’s, our marketing efforts and considerations will include advertising, showing the property, how long the house has been on the market and whether you're buying another home. Your home will be listed, through both the Local and Lower Desert’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Advertising and Promotion

· Real Estate Web sites

· Internet Home search/listing services,

· Classified advertising

· Real Estate Guides

· Office tours

· MLS tours

· “For Sale” sign

· Brochure boxes

· Area mailings


· Prepare your home for viewing

· Look at your home from the buyer’s point of view

· Be absent while the house is being shown, if possible

· Don’t let children or pets distract buyer’s

· Clean or replace dirty or worn carpets.

· Open all curtains and blinds.

· Replace any burned out light bulbs and turn on all lights.

· Clear all clutter.

· Clear all countertops.

· Wash and put away any dirty dishes.

· Set the dining room or kitchen table if you have particularly nice linen or china.

· Simmer a few drops of vanilla on the stove.

· Put on soft music.

· Burn wood in the fireplace on cold days, otherwise, clean the fireplace.

· Put fresh towels in the bathroom.

· Take any laundry out of the washer and dryer.

· Leave the house so your REALTOR® is free to deal with prospective buyers in a professional manner.

· Put pets in cages or take them to a neighbor.

How Long Has Your House Been on the Market?

Professional appraisers sum up their entire body of knowledge in three words: “Buyers make value." Your home is worth as much as a buyer will pay for it.

If your home has been on the market for months, it’s a clear message that the property may not be worth what you're asking for it. This is particularly true if there haven't been many prospects coming to see it. What you do at that point depends on whether you really need to sell, and whether you're working with a time limit.

If you're not really motivated to move soon, you can always wait - years if necessary - and hope inflation will catch up with the price you want. The problem is that in that time, your home begins to feel shopworn. Buyers become suspicious of a house that's been for sale for a long time.

If you really do need to sell, discuss with us a schedule for gradually dropping your price until you find a level that attracts buyers. There's no point in saying, “We simply can't sell our house." Anything will sell if the price is right.